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Tools and Training for Person-Centered Support of At Risk Populations

Replacing Risk With Health & Wellness

An intellectual-developmental disorder shouldn’t be a barrier to receiving personalized and effective support. In addition to our e-learning courses, webinars, and materials, we are the sole developer and distributor of the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST), the most widely used and validated health risk screening tool for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Find out how we help agencies and supporters to better support people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

A web-based tool that identifies health risks and provides actionable steps to mitigate those risks. Supporters can work proactively, utilizing decisions based on 22 crucial areas of risk.

A library of training focusing on the health and safety of people with IDD including resources for every level of provider supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We offer virtual seminars focused on restoring and promoting positive control in the lives you support. Together we can keep the person at the center of your efforts to support them.

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Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)

The HRST is a predictive tool that helps monitor the risk of illness and health destabilization in vulnerable populations in real time. 

This allows providers and supporters to act proactively, addressing problems in their earliest stages and better establishing healthcare needs.

The HRST abides by all HIPAA regulations, and is field-tested, validated, and reliable in assessing 22 key areas of risk related to health and mortality.

Helping Thousands With IDD Live Better Lives

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Our Mission

We provide tools and training to those who support people with vulnerabilities, helping them replace risk with health and wellness.

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