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Watch this webinar delivered by Dr. Craig Escudé to learn more about Health Risk Informed Telemedicine.

This webinar explains how combining health risk data from our Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) with IDD-specific telehealth services from StationMD can improve health equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

“IntellectAbility is an experienced and respected partner that aligns with our mission of providing the best medical care and improving the quality of life for individuals with IDD. Many of our partners rely on the HRST. We value the concise, targeted information our clinicians can use to provide effective telemedicine consultations to ultimately improve health outcomes for individuals with IDD.”

What is Health Risk Informed Telemedicine (HRIT)? 

Health Risk Informed Telemedicine (HRIT) consists of three components:

  • Clinician Training
  • Telemedicine Access by IDD-Trained Clinicians
  • Health Risk Information Availability at the Time of the Visit

IntellectAbility and StationMD have partnered to provide health-risk-informed telemedicine for people with IDD using StationMD’s telemedicine platform and IntellectAbility’s Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST). This partnership allows telemedicine providers access to web-based health risk information for their patients with IDD. 

This interface has been created, to allow StationMD clinicians immediate access to the person’s HRST findings during a telemedicine visit. This dynamic interface provides concise information to support clinical decision-making, promote accurate documentation of medical complexity, and reduce unnecessary testing and diagnostics, ultimately contributing to greater ED visit avoidance and better health outcomes for patients with IDD.

To learn more about this innovative partnership and how it can benefit the people you support, please contact us at 727-437-3201 or Inquiries (at)

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