Online Course

How to Manage Choking


This course was developed in partnership with The Arc™ of Florida with the goal of helping Direct Support Professionals, families and supporters of persons with I/DD understand the causes of choking, who is at risk, how to mitigate that risk and what to do when it happens.

Synopsis by Module

A Guide to Manage Choking: Part 1: 

In Part 1, learners will discover what choking is and what places people at risk. Learners will know what they can do to minimize these risks and how to recognize signs of choking when it occurs.

A Guide to Manage Choking: Part 2:

Module Length: 33 Minutes

This is where learners will find out what to do when people choke. And more pertinently, be provided with protocols for specific scenarios related to people with IDD.

After taking this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Learners will know the process of choking and what the body is doing when choking.
  • Learners will understand what factors place the body at risk for choking.
  • Learners will know what they can do to minimize or eliminate the risks for choking.

Developed in partnership with The Arc Florida 

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