Orientation to Person-Centered Thinking (PCT)

Start Your Journey into the Life-Changing World of Person-Centered Approaches

Course Description:

Great for: Any and all supporters of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This one module orientation is applicable to anyone new to person-centeredness, including self-advocates, traditional provider staff, case managers, support coordinators, clinicians, participant-directed staff, and families. You’ll be asked to shift your thinking toward supporting people in having more positive control and decision-making power in their lives. This course is a must for those who want to learn more about person-centered approaches or who plan to attend a Person-Centered Thinking training in the future.

Gain a good, general grasp on the foundations of person-centered practices as well as how and why the field of IDD utilizes the skills and techniques.

Course Outcome: Supporters who understand what person-centered approaches are and why they are so vital. Upon completion, supporters are ready for the next step in their learning journey, Person-Centered Thinking training.

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