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Electronic Person-Centered Description

Easily create continuity of support

The Person-Centered Description (PCD) is the main product of the Person-Centered Thinking Training and is used to capture knowledge about the person, record it, and build on it, creating a road map to inform supports and planning.

We’ve taken the PCD and made it online, creating the only electronic Person-Centered Description (ePCD).  

The ePCD offers a concise, well-organized record of essential human information about the person with IDD. It is a vital tool for continuity of appropriate support because it can be easily shared among support staff so that no one loses sight of the unique characteristics of the person.

Benefits of the electronic Person-Centered Description
"I'm excited about these next phases of person-centered thinking training. The tools IntellectAbility is giving staff are transforming supports for people with IDD in South Carolina. We are seeing professional growth among staff and quality of life improvements for the people supported. There is no question that this approach is beneficial to all."
Dr. Michelle Fry
State Director of SCDDSN
August, 29th, 2022

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