COVID-19 & People with IDD: Impact, Prevention & Action

As the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) develops, IntellectAbility is committed to providing those who work in the field of IDD supports with practical, sensible, and usable health information regarding identifying those at most risk and steps that can be taken to reduce the severity of the impact of this disease.

Below are links to free helpful resources provided by IntellectAbility:

Special Bulletin #4

Special Bulletin #3

Special Bulletin #2

Special Bulletin #1

Download this informational pdf for helpful information on the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness in people with IDD and things you can do to alleviate and provide effective support.

Download this important informational pdf on the COVID-19 Vaccination. It contains useful facts for you and the people with disabilities you support. Created in partnership with Irwin Siegel Agency on 1/14/2021.

HRST Health Passport

Besides providing basic health information, this document can be utilized to convey important social information that facilitates knowing and understanding a person.

Risk/Benefit for Returning to Activity

Our Clinical Advisory Team has developed an assessment to help you balance what is important TO and FOR the person in terms of returning to activities. This document is a person-centered guide to help ensure you take as many factors as possible into account when supporting people in making these decisions.

Disparities, Perceptions and Misconceptions

Putting PEOPLE Before their Diagnoses

COVID-19 & HRST Scoring Impacts

COVID-19 & People with IDD - Taking Action to Mitigate Risk


COVID-19 & People with IDD - Impact Prevention & Action

How to Utilize the "Risk/Benefit for Returning to Activity" Support Document

This is a brief, 11-minute video in which IntellectAbility president, Dr. Craig Escudé, talks about the form and how best to use it.

Infections & How to Prevent Them

A condensed form of the Fatal Five Infection module. It teaches about the severe risks from infections including how to prevent it, how to spot when it happens and what can happen if it is not treated. Infection is focused on as a precursor to sepsis, which is one of the ways an infection can become fatal.

Using the HRST Custom Report Builder

As discussed in Special Bulletin #1

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