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Physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, registered nurses, and other clinicians now have an opportunity that they’ve never had before. It’s an opportunity to learn immediately usable, practical clinical information that will improve their clinical skills in one course. It teaches fundamental principles that weren’t taught in school that translate to better healthcare for millions of people. This curriculum course imparts vital skills and information to improve healthcare for anyone who has challenges in communicating verbally. This includes people with dementia, traumatic brain injury, those who are aging, children, and the group for which the course was specifically designed, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The physician-created “Curriculum in IDD Healthcare” consists of 6 online modules and conveys information not previously taught to most clinicians. Numerous, real-life case studies illustrate the concepts in engaging ways that directly translate to practice. Upon successful completion, clinicians earn valuable continuing medical education credits or continuing education units, depending on their discipline. In addition, they can earn recognition by IntellectAbility as a provider who is committed to delivering healthcare to some of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

Help create a healthcare system where anyone, with or without a disability, can present to any office or hospital and receive compassionate and effective healthcare.

To learn more or to take this course, visit our Curriculum in IDD Healthcare webpage.

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