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Virginia Health Equity through Clinician Education

In collaboration with Anthem HealthKeepers Plus offered by HealthKeepers, Inc., IntellectAbility is extending access to the IntellectAbility Academy Learning Management System (LMS) and the Curriculum in IDD Healthcare Course to all providers in the state of Virginia at no cost for a limited time. 

Enhance your skill set in healthcare for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) with this one-of-a-kind eLearn course: Curriculum in IDD Healthcare

Earn 5 CME / 6 CEU credits with this self-paced online course. 

How to Register:

  1. To establish access, please complete the course registration request form at the bottom of this webpage.

  2. Once submitted, access will be granted within 24 business hours at no cost.

  3. CME/CEU Certificates are delivered automatically at the completion of the course.

    To register another user, feel free to complete the registration form again.

Available to Virginia clinicians at no cost for a limited time.

Curriculum in IDD Healthcare eLearn Course Overview

The Curriculum in IDD Healthcare eLearn Course consists of 6 modules that teach practical skills that improve clinical competence in the provision of healthcare to people with IDD.

Numerous real-world case studies are used to illustrate concepts that help students and clinicians at any level to improve their skillset and provide competent, compassionate healthcare to people with complex neurodevelopmental, medical, and mental health conditions.

Synopsis by Module

Module Length: 37 Minutes

Diagnosis, causes, prevalence, and classifications are covered. The history of IDD treatment and the reasons for the move from institutional to community-based support are covered, and much more.

Module Length: 1 Hour 2 Minutes

A discussion of common medical issues, their presentations and general treatment options are covered. This discussion includes the “Fatal 5+” – Constipation, Aspiration, Dehydration, Seizures and Sepsis, as well as other topics like GERD, osteoporosis, contraception, feeding tubes, wheelchairs, end-of-life considerations and basic dental issues.

Module Length: 34 Minutes

Using real-life case studies, this module effectively illustrates how numerous challenging behaviors may point to specific, underlying medical conditions in people with IDD. Topics include head-banging, refusing meals, hand-mouth behavior, aggressiveness in particular situations, resisting lying down or sleeping, pica and many more.

Module Length: 46 Minutes
This module covers the challenges of diagnosing mental health conditions in people with IDD. It covers how certain non-verbal behaviors may point to a mental health condition and the importance of evaluating for underlying medical conditions before instituting treatment for adverse behaviors with psychotropic medications.

Module Length: 31 Minutes

This talk covers topics including understanding the differing baselines of people with IDD, fostering good communication between healthcare providers and support staff, speaking TO the person who is the patient rather than directing communication to the support staff, how to garner the most helpful information from support staff, and understanding the structure of the team model of support.

Module Length: 34 Minutes
While case studies are sprinkled through the other presentations, this enjoyable and highly interactive workshop-type module focuses on specific cases to drive home the previously discussed topics illustrating practical applications of the information.

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Available to Virginia clinicians at no cost for a limited time.

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