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podcast IDD Health Matters with Craig Escudé, MD

New Groundbreaking Podcast Sheds Light on the Leaders, Innovators, and Visionaries in Intellectual Disability Supports

Friends for Life Residential Care and IntellectAbility, partner to deliver insights from across the globe about health and wellness for people with IDD.

CLEARWATER, FL, August 7, 2023



IDD Health Matters Podcast with Craig Escudé, MD

An estimated 10-15 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) live in the United States. Many receive various degrees of support and services, including residential, employment, transportation, and healthcare services, through state programs and provider agencies throughout the country.

In a new podcast titled IDD Health Matters with Craig Escudé, MD, host and president of IntellectAbility, Dr. Craig Escudé speaks with a wide range of leaders, self-advocates, agency directors, clinicians, administrators, and others involved in designing and facilitating service delivery to people with IDD.

The idea is to highlight the work being done to address challenges and to improve support services, especially relating to health and wellness, for people with IDD, states Dr. Escudé. “Additionally, we want to help people see this field as a place where you can have a rewarding and fulfilling career. You’ll be amazed by the number of guests that started in this field as a direct support professional and now run an agency or state program.”

Friends for Life Residential Care CEO, Tony Stuart, sought out Dr. Escudé as the host of this new podcast because “I was impressed by Dr. Escudé’s knowledge of and compassion for individuals with IDD as a physician because I saw a lack of empathy and understanding of the individuals I serve at Friends for Life at nearly every medical appointment.” “IDD Health Matters is an excellent addition to our podcast offerings which include other programs like the Friends for Life Podcast and our new and upcoming shows focusing on parenting, technology, and living with IDD,” states Tony, who decided to start podcasting about the field of IDD services because “I saw a lack of meaningful conversation about how to make the individuals we serve more independent and able to function in day to day society.”

You can listen to the podcast on any platform by searching for IDD Health Matters or by navigating to:


About Friends for Life

Friends for Life Residential Care is an Ohio-based agency provider that serves individuals with IDD, but beyond being a provider, we also advocate for individuals with IDD through our podcast and media presence. Our main goal is to make meaningful changes in how people view individuals with IDD, to allow them to speak on behalf of themselves, and to make a positive impact overall in the lives of everyone working and being served in the IDD world.

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