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Person-Centered Thinking
and Coach Training

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Person-Centered Thinking Training

Receive the foundational, person-centered thinking skills that enable those who support others to deliver services that are organized and consistent with Person-Centered Practices.

Person-Centered Coach Training

Become fully capable of coaching others to accurately use Person-Centered Thinking skills and foster the implementation of person-centered practices into any level of the organization.
Virtual Person-Centered Thinking Training

Great for: All staff, particularly management staff and case managers

Duration: 3 days (18hrs total)

The staff you hire rarely come with an awareness of how to be person-centered.

Consider what it would look like if your staff, newly hired or a long-time veteran, were specially trained in how to intertwine person-centered approaches into their everyday work to support the person. What if this was just how they did their job?

Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) is the foundational mindset that enables those who support others to deliver supports that are consistent with Person-Centered Practices. Graduates gain in-depth instruction on how to use and apply 11 person-centered observational, management, and problem-solving skills that can revolutionize how they support the person.
Graduates are also trained in how to accurately complete the Person-Centered Description (PCD). accurate PCD can drastically improve the services and supports of the person as well as improve quality of life.
This training and the PCD ensure your staff are helping the person find and maintain positive control of their lives in addition to preserving information about the person and helping staff work more effectively and efficiently.
This live, interactive training helps attendees:
  • Gain a proper prospective of the person
  • Find that often elusive balance of what is Important To and For the person
  • Ensure that what is learned about the person is properly recorded and built upon
Objective: A Person-Centered Thinking Training graduate has a firm grasp of person-centered observation, problem-solving, and management skills, alongside a host of specialized tools and techniques. Graduates will utilize these skills to create and edit comprehensive, effective Person-Centered Descriptions (PCDs) for the people your agency supports.

"The passion for PCT is REAL! So thankful I was able to attend and develop new skills. Such a great team-- wow!"
PCT Training Graduate
May 2021
“One of the most impressive things was how well the team worked together and I could tell that the training is being taught by people that believe in PCT and I thought I was an advocate for it before, but now I want to shout it from the rooftops!”
PCT Training Graduate
May 2021
"Who knew training could be so fun? ... The interactive experiences were great! I learned a lot about myself and how to learn more about others."
B.L., Case Manager, The Arc of South Carolina
“Really, really great job to David. Not only was the content compelling, but David delivered in a meaningful, engaging way where everyone in the zoom room could tell he’s got this AND really believes in PCT. Couldn’t think of a better experience for a 3 day virtual training.”
PCT Training Graduate
May 2021
Become a Person-Centered Coach

Great for: Management, supervisors, proficient PCT supporters

Duration: 6-8 months

Prerequisites: Coach Candidates must complete the Person-Centered Thinking Training and be trained with a partner.

Keeping the momentum of your person-centered efforts going is not always easy.

A lot of things compete for time and focus. Having key staff specifically trained to support, propel, and enhance this momentum is vital. Staff often need help using or implementing person-centered practices effectively. This is where having your own Person-Centered Coaches on-hand can be of immense value.

Person-Centered Coaches are your on the ground, person-centered thinking support team. They can advise and help others further develop their PCT skills and assist leadership to incorporate PCT fundamentals into the services, supports, and future planning of the organization.
  • Help staff develop and incorporate Person-Centered Descriptions into annual plans and daily support efforts
  • Provide technical support
  • Gain and keep the person-centered momentum in your agency
Objective: A Person-Centered Coach is fully capable of coaching others to accurately use Person-Centered Thinking skills and foster the implementation of person-centered practices into any level of the organization.