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Tools and Training for Person-Centered Support of At Risk Populations

We provide person-centered tools and training services to those who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), helping them replace risk with health and wellness. 

Explore our comprehensive suite of tools and training services to see how we help states, provider agencies, and supporters to better support people with IDD.

Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)

A web-based tool that identifies health risks and provides actionable steps to mitigate those risks. Supporters can work proactively, utilizing decisions based on 22 crucial areas of risk.

ELearn Courses for Person-Centered Support

A library of online training focusing on the health and safety of people with IDD, including resources for every level of provider supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Person-Centered Training Services

We offer live, online training focused on restoring and promoting positive control in the lives of those you support. Together, we can keep the person at the center of your efforts to support them.

Custom eLearn Course Development

Develop online training modules that connect with your audience, with targeted design support to ensure your message gets across.

Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST)

The Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) is the leading screening tool for intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) risk management and support. It is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based rating instrument developed to detect health destabilization in at-risk populations and ensure that proper care and support are provided at all times to avoid unnecessary suffering and death.

The HRST saves lives by:

  • Detecting health destabilization early in at-risk populations
  • Identifying health conditions that lead to preventable morbidity and mortality
  • Providing specific and actionable Service and Training Considerations that guide the actions of the support team
  • Providing web-based, real-time health risk data accessibility
  • Promoting balanced person-centered plans

Contact us for a free demonstration and information on the related services included in your monthly subscription. 

Academy: IDD Supporter Education

Replacing risk starts with knowing how. These invaluable training eLearns, targeted at Direct Support Professionals, Case Managers, Nurses, Physicians, and more, will benefit your entire organization. 

Each eLearn course includes easy-to-understand content with: 

  • Illustrations,
  • Knowledge checks,
  • And scenarios to enhance understanding and retention.

Our online courses and webinars provide training that isn’t found anywhere else. They give learners of any educational level the ability to recognize signs and symptoms and empower them to do something about it.

These disability studies courses are intended to provide direct support & professional training for clinical and non-clinical staff, including medical students and caretakers. We recommend using these DSP training courses as a supplement to our other intellectual disability resources in order to provide the most effective person-centered support possible to patients with IDD.

Person-Centered Training Services

Person-Centered Thinking goes beyond a mindset. It’s a skill set.

Our Person-Centered Thinking Training helps attendees: 

  • Learn fundamental skill sets of person-centered thinking that support people’s hopes, dreams, and values without neglecting health and safety
  • Discover that often elusive balance of what is Important To and For the person
  • Gain and keep the person-centered momentum in your organization
  • Acquire observations, problem-solving, and management skills

Person-Centered Thinking skills and techniques are essential to achieving person-centered practices. If people are going to gain or regain positive control over their lives, then those supporting the person need to utilize a skilled, person-centered approach to delivering support. 

Person-Centered Thinking is the foundational skill set that enables those who support others to deliver organized and consistent services that align with person-centered practices.

Productions: Custom eLearn Course Development

Fully customized eLearning that teaches the subject you want to be taught exactly as you want it taught.

Our team works with you from start to finish. 

  1. Script &Voiceover: We begin by sourcing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) tailored to your requirements. They could be your internal staff and/ or IDD-specific experts with decades of experience.
  2. Animation & Illustration: Next, we design and outline your course to achieve the learning objectives.
  3. Learning Management System (LMS) & Reporting: Finally, your custom eLearn can be hosted in any standard LMS.

Our experienced Custom eLearn Development team has created many courses for both state and private agencies’ exclusive use and can do the same for you. And once your custom eLearn course is complete, you can host it on any standard Learning Management System. If you don’t have an LMS, no problem – we do!

Using industry-leading eLearning development software, our team will build your course just the way you envision it. We help you identify the best approach to meet your goals, take care of the design and outline of your course and keep your module consistent and cohesive with your organization’s unique brand.

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