“I appreciate the concise information written to all levels of understanding. I am a RN Care Manager and notice some topics extend our common information on preventable risks such as aspiration and constipation.
I have shared the information on dementia resources with providers, and will happily share this resource with an ID/DD Coalition of which I am a part, advocating with our local hospital, and with fellow ID/DD nurses through a nursing monthly nursing meeting. Thank you for the valuable resource.” 

– K.B., BSN, RN – Lead RN Care Manager for Wall Residences


Clinical Pearls in IDD Healthcare - eBook


A simple guide into the world of intellectual and developmental disabilities

A “Clinical Pearl” is a small bit of helpful clinical information based on experience or observation. The purpose of this manual is to help provide healthcare practitioners with information about delivering medical and dental care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

– For clinicians, by a clinician
– Great for in-service staff training
– Easy to take with you

Subjects included:

• Understanding Residential Supports
• Communicating with People with IDD
• Quality of Life
• End of Life Decision-Making
• The Fatal 5: preventable causes of death
• Swallowing Issues
• Medical Causes of Adverse Behaviors
• G and J Tube Considerations
• Medication Interactions and Side Effects
• Polypharmacy
• Mental Health and IDD
• Dementia
• Nutritional Supports

and much more…