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Become a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer

Every style of person-centered planning requires the foundation of a person-centered way of thinking.

Teaching and supporting the use of person-centered thinking skills will mean that it is more likely that plans will be used and acted on and the lives of people who use services will improve.

A foundational person-centered skill set will give you and your organization several ways to get plans started, so updating the plans will occur “naturally,” requiring less effort and time.

Credentialing a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer creates greater autonomy for your organization.

What is a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer?

A Person-Centered Thinking Trainer is an officially recognized, credentialed PCT Trainer by The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices. Once they have successfully completed the training and receive their certification, they are able to expertly deliver Person-Centered Thinking Training live-virtually and/or live-onsite.
About The Curriculum
The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices (TLCPCP) is a collaborative of agencies, companies, states, and individuals who come together to ensure best practices in Person Centered Practices as well as resources such as curriculum, education, conferences, group discussions, and celebrations.
IntellectAbility is a part of this collaborative, offering and receiving information on best practices and resources. Our Mentor and Trainers are all credentialed with TLCPCP and deliver this curriculum. When you complete your Trainer Credentialing, you will become a recognized credentialed Trainer with The Learning Community.
Your Training Schedule At a Glance
Training for your Person-Centered Thinking Trainer credential takes anywhere from 6-8 months and is done with a training partner.
You and your training partner will meet weekly with our Trainer via Zoom. We work with you to customize a workable schedule.
There are two parts to your training:
Part One:
8-10 weeks
Skill and Prep
Expect 2 hours of instruction and about 2 hours’ worth of homework each week. In addition, our trainer will offer “Open Zoom Rooms” for private tutoring throughout your training!
Part Two:
6-8 weeks
During this section, you will rehearse delivering the curriculum with the support of an IntellectAbility Person-Centered Thinking Mentor.

Skills Attained

What does it take to become a certified Person-Centered Thinking Trainer?

People who become intentional person-centered thinking practitioners are often inspired to take their practice to the next level by becoming a PCT Trainer.
Becoming a PCT Trainer is not just about delivering the curriculum. It is about training, skilled plan facilitation, and truly being an ambassador for person-centered practices and the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.
  • Successfully complete Person-Centered Thinking Training [link/button to Training page at PCTT section #pct-training]
  • Identify a certified PCT Mentor Trainer who is willing to mentor you through the process. That’s us!
  • Most PCT Mentor Trainers have their own application process by which they accept PCT trainer candidates. We require a Commitment Interview with our PCT Mentor and a Letter of Recommendation.
  • Must have lived experience either through your personal life or work with the target audience/sector for which you are becoming a Trainer.

Why Should You Get Credentialed with IntellectAbility?

With a PCT Trainer in your organization, your staff trainees and people your agency supports will benefit from the measurable outcome of improved skill sets among your staff, notably: how to use the Person-Centered Description. 

We are happy to answer any additional questions! Contact us to learn more about becoming a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer.