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Person-Centered Thinking Training
for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Programs

Give peer mentors and administrators the skills to:

Great for: Administrators, Peer and Academic Mentors, and anyone supporting a student in a post-secondary education setting.

Person-Centered Thinking Training (PCT Training) is the entry point for all person-centered practices, services, and support. It provides a foundational skill set. It equips supporters with in-depth instruction on how to use and apply 11 person-centered observational, management, and problem-solving skills that can revolutionize how they help the student.

This 12-hour training also includes how to accurately complete the Person-Centered Description (PCD). This component of the PCT Training is immensely valuable as it preserves information about the student and helps peer mentors and administrators inform plans and quickly share essential information.
Training Description
Consider what your program would look like if your peer mentors and administrators had the skills and common vision to improve communication, enhance relationships, and discover what the student values.

Our trainers are credentialed and only train the curriculum of
The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices Attendees are trained in essential person-centered practices that respect the autonomy of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities while providing them with the highest possible level of support. 

Objective: A supporter who completes Person-Centered Thinking Training has a firm grasp of person-centered observation, problem-solving, and management skills. These skills are utilized to create and edit comprehensive, effective Person-Centered Descriptions for the students you support.

"Who knew training could be so fun? ... The interactive experiences were great! I learned a lot about myself and how to learn more about others."
B.L., Case Manager, The Arc of South Carolina
"The passion for PCT is REAL! So thankful I was able to attend and develop new skills. Such a great team-- wow!"
PCT Training Graduate
“One of the most impressive things was how well the team worked together and I could tell that the training is being taught by people that believe in PCT and I thought I was an advocate for it before, but now I want to shout it from the rooftops!”
PCT Training Graduate
“Really, really great job to David. Not only was the content compelling, but David delivered it in a meaningful, engaging way where everyone in the Zoom room could tell he’s got this AND really believes in PCT. Couldn’t think of a better experience.”
PCT Training Graduate

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